Monday, September 05, 2016

2 years of GIANT things...

I started this project because, well, it seemed like it would be hella fun, and it truly has been, every agonizing moment of it. I can't say it's been hard work, very little of my life as a photographer has ever really felt like work, even when I'm shooting jobs I'm not really 'in' to, this series in particular though has felt like a dream!

The driving force of the GIANT series was to create dreamlike scenes from my head without the use of extensive Photoshop - unusual, awe-inspiring images which are as real off-camera as they are in the photo. That is no easy feat, the images that appear in my head are pretty damn ambitious and some downright near impossible to create in real life. Luckily, 2 and a half years ago, I met my partner William Conolly, who was on board with the project and was able to build extremely ambitious props that brought my dreams to life. The driving force of the series was always to create an entire real to life scene in front of me, forgoing extensive Photoshop, to make the images as real to life as possible. 

A lot of people ask, why giant stuff? Ok well, it's not a deep connection to stories I read as a child, or a link to the fact that I'm pretty short, it is, more simply, the unreal element in a real world that I adore! I wanted a beautiful but realistic scene with an unrealistic element, however, by having the scene in front of me and having the props physically there, to me it meant the scenes FELT more real to look at. Since viewing (and subsequently fangirling over) the works of Tim Walker, who I OF COURSE have to mention, I found that I could lose my self in his images more than other 'fantasy' images. I think the fact he created scenes with no Photoshop really gave the real element to his's almost hard to explain, but his work felt believable and, although it also included strong fantasy elements, his work felt real! 

The images I have taken so far for the series are among my favourites of those I have ever taken! Seeing the images in my head come to life and the experience of shooting, especially getting to collaborate with make-up artists, hair stylists, florists, and course my amazing partner William.

Although I don't see any kind of immediate end, here is the series so far...

A garden of my own - Zoe Sugg

Finding my way home - Nirrimi Hakanson

Fly away with me - Pip Phillips

Hang me out to dry - Self portrait

Hidden in the dolls house - Chloe Manning

Hooked - Nina Sever

Illuminate my imagination - Bella Kotak

Join the circus - Dani Race

My own sinking ship - Rosie Hardy

Paint me a picture - Bernadette Lemon

Secrets of the bluebells - Isabella Miszk

Sway - Megan Gilbride

Wind me up - Holly White

The Secret Garden - Skye Victoria


  1. These shots are amazing! Truly inspiring

  2. wow these angles and shots are amazing. im into photography myself. zoe sugg sent me here this is the second time i have visited your blog, the first time was when zoe uploaded her vlog on the 2nd August 2016 and again now as i watched her video back. well done and keep up the fabulous, extraordinary, beautiful and most of all amazing masterpeices. p.s. i put my self as anonymous as this is open to the world and im not keen on spreading personal information to people i do not know !!!

  3. im the 'anonymous' person again i just forgot to say well done to everyone who put time and effort into this to make this dream become a reality xoxo

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