Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Photo Interview with the winner of the Spring Competition: Margi Rentis

Last month in May I ran my very first competition asking those who follow my facebook page to submit images they think represent spring with a short caption. I was overwhelmed with the amazing response to the competition and am so impressed with the quality of the entries!

I will be running the next one in the coming weeks with a different theme so please look out on my Facebook fan page and do enter if you're interested!

So the winner of the Spring Competition was the fabulous Margi Renits, Margi's work completely blew me away so I am so thrilled she recieved the most likes and part of the prise package, among a care package to her including personally chosed prints of mine, was a photo interview, so without any more ramblings, here is her photo interview!

Winning competition image!

Caption: What I like most about spring is watching busy bees go from flower to flower. :)

1. What is beauty to you?

Katarina I

2. Will You Tell Me A Secret?


3. Show me you?

Self IV

4. How about showing us some skin?

Self III

5. What about a colourful picture?


6. What is your favourite season?

Snow in Athens

7. What inspires you more than anything else?


8. What's your favourite animal?

Snail Series

9. How about showing us where you live?

Sunset in Xylokastro

10. What can’t you live without?

Sushi in Paris, France

Thank you so much Margi for entering the competition and congratulation again on winning!!

Please see more of Margi's work on her Facebook and (though she uses it alot less) her Flickr :)


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