Monday, October 20, 2014

The Peak District

I haven't written a blog post on here in a really long time, but today I visited this home I made again and became regretful I neglected it for so long, and excited to start posting again!

I want to start my interviews again, and I'm already looking and researching who to approach, though grateful for your suggestions so do please comment at let me know photographers you love!

For now however I thought I would share a series of image shot on a mini adventure from September. I went with my love Will and a group of friends including Megs of the amazing blog Wonderful You (she's the red head). It was windy but wonderful and as ever I fell in love with the rolling hills, the mixture of purples and greens that stretched in the horizon and the feast of views that I never tire of.

Hope you enjoyed my adventures! More to blog, will keep you in the know :)

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