Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Women who inspire...

I have been recently very fortunate to work with some truly outstanding women, ones that encourage me to be better and put myself out there. 

The story, to explain it a little, started with Laura Jane Williams, an incredibly witty and amazing writer and blogger whom I became aware of through my sister Siobhan. Laura got in contact with me early this year at the beginning of an incredibly brave and transformative journey of getting fit and healthy...and off the back of that losing some weight. She wrote me an email asking if, at the end of said journey, I would take photos of her, wait for it, all naked and stuff! I said heeeellls yeah, and this amazing and empowering blog post was born.

Here are some of the amazing images from that shoot...

Off the back of Laura's amazingly brave post her best friend Calum got in contact to do some similar images, and let me tell you, this was a new experience for me as well as him! I learned that shooting men is very similar to shooting women, except for one appendage which luckily he was skilled in knowing how to manage. He was wonderful and had me gripped telling me all of his stories of his travelling. He also showed me just how much confidence can affect men just as much as women and it was wonderful to approach the shoot to make him feel confident just like I would hope to a women.

Here are some of the fabulous images we got that day...

And his brilliant video about the day...

Next up was Megs another incredible blogger and beautiful human. Megs and I came together through Laura and she was another that stripped down and allowed me to show her just quite how beautiful she is. And man is she beautiful, inside and out..simply put in only the last few short months, this woman has become a seriously valued friend and I love her to bits. Have a read of her amazing blog post here. And here are some of her incredible images...



 And her amazing video on her experience here: 

Finally, this past weekend I met the wonder that is Emma Gannon. This is the kind of woman who you meet and instantly feel like you've known her forever! So we were at Laura's house in London, talking confidence and female empowerment as you do, and we managed to persuade Emma to take the plunge, here is one of her images...

Please read her thought provoking and bravely written blog post on the experience here.

These women and man are simply inspiring. I may promote confidence and encourage shooting naked but to write the words and share the stories these people have, it's quite frankly incredible. I am grateful I met them, I feel very lucky to have taken their photo's, and I hope that from reading their words and seeing their photos that there are women out there that rethink. That off the back of their bravery, they realise that they too are worth it, that they too are beautiful and should be confident about everything they are and everything they've got. Cause you know what, you are wonderful, beautiful and inspiring too...you are worth it. And I know this just sounds like a Beyonce song, but lets be honest, women have to go through a lot of crap from the media, from what is expected of us, and it's about damn time that we all throw our hands up and say F U to the media, and celebrate every single thing we are which, as these women prove, is strong and sexy!

Here is a little image of me, to join in and say I AM WORTH IT TOO!

If you want to join the #strongandsexy movement then do drop me an email. These women and man have put themselves out there, and have come out feeling stronger, sexier and fighting for you all to feel wonderful just being the people you are. 

Contact me here.


  1. What a talent you are, Ms Cameron. You are truly mind-blowing. So happy the #strongandsexy project is gaining momentum - all because of YOU! xo

  2. This is just amazingly beautiful. I'm always so fascinated of how you create the most stunning photos, often completely without an "extraordinary" location - you make an unmade bed look like a million dollar location, it's so inspiring! As a photography student myself, living on quite a strict budget, I just love to see how you make so much out of so little. No excuses, when pics like these can be made for free in one's own bedroom!

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