Tuesday, August 07, 2018

An evening with First Aid Kit

It was a scorching hot summers day when I ventured in to Cambridge Folk Festival to shoot with First Aid Kit for the third time. 

The first time I had shot them was live at Cambridge Corn Exchange, on that occasion I didn't get to meet them, but the shots I got were some of my favourite live shots I've ever captured. If you've ever seen First Aid Kit live you've know that Klara and Johanna get so into the music, they dance, they smile and they whip their hair back and forth, it creates some brilliant pictures.



The second time I shot with the sisters was a pretty traumatic summers day where I traveled to Wilderness Festival. I felt quite prepared as had attended Wilderness twice before, however this year decided to test me as the quest to get my pass and get backstage was...hell. It was boiling hot, I had to park my car at the top of a gigantic field, then walk to the box office, they kindly told me I had to walk to the other end of the festival, and then some, to get my pass. I won't bang on but it was miles walking in the baking sun with all my gear, first world problems I know, but it just dampened my spirits...that and the headache that ensued from dehydration. When I finally got backstage and the band began to play, it was magic. It made all the hot headachey journey worth it. I have never sat side stage before watching a band I adore, it was a dream! After which I got to meet the girls (so incredibly lovely) and get some head shots.

Earlier this summer I send the girls a DM on instagram asking if I could shoot them again, and fortunately they said yes. I was excited to shoot in Cambridge, my home turf, I was excited to hang with them when my spirits were high and I was excited to take a crap ton of photos of them, which I did.

Johanna and Klara are really warm and welcoming people, and thank god, they made me feel like one of the gang, and when you feel that way it's hard to not feel like you're in the film Almost Famous, which is sort of my heaven. 

I hope you enjoy the set of photos!


Excited to hang out with them again in November!

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